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Carvin British Speaker Vintage USA Eminence BR-12

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We find the most interesting Guitar Amps For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for Carvin British Speaker Vintage USA Eminence BR-12 for sale on the Internet.

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Carvin British Speaker Vintage USA Eminence BR-12 Picture(s) and Description:


These speakers didn't have a lot of playtime before they were replaced from the 4x12 Carvin cab by a buddy. They are in mint condition. Check out the other 3 that I listed for sale. This auction here is for 1 speaker only. Some of the Harmony Cent. reviews: Product: Carvin BR-12 Speakers Price Paid: US somwhere around $60 to $80 a piece bought one while I was living in L.A. from their store Submitted 08/31/2003 at 12:09pm by MrCheeKs Email: stooge333 at hotmailcom Features : 10 Speaker has an extended basket for giving it more bass, more speaker mass because of this and is 8 ohm handling 100 watts RMS. I play Blues Jazz, Metal, Hard rock, Punk ...basically EVERYTHING! You notice right away when looking at these speakers the cones run deeper than most 12 inch musical speakers. In fact I've never saw a speaker for these purposes that has a deeper cone. The sound specs varied from what the catalog says but the print sheet Carvin sent me states these babies hit from 70 hz to 7 or 7.5 khz! Sound Quality : 10 The sound is simply amazing! Thick full bass that maintains clarity and the highs are very clean and bold to the point you'll find you will need to cut your normal treble settings if these are wjhat your palying through. The mids are basically perfect. Bass and treble is easy to achieve but a thick, groany midrange, somewhat of whats known as the red sound, really shows what a speaker is capable of. With the deeper frame/basket it allows for this speaker to have advantages over other guitar twelves. First theres more cone material, thus theres better compression for bass and the voic coil is actually quite small which adds for the extended treble response. The overall shape of cone is also what I credit to the speakers groaning mids.Groaning in a good way that is. With the frequency range of these speakers they voice extremely well with todays tube emulation amps and pedals. They have the thick but clean crunch sound we're so used to from tubes. And best of all when played clean they have scuh clear and bright sound you could use them for an acoustic amp without the need for a tweeter. I run two of these with two Carvin Bass 12's in an oversized custom built cabinet and they simply scream at high volume levels with the UTMOST clarity. There bass is exceptional and even comparable to the bass speakers they are matched with. Even with my bass at 10 and the volume cranked they are pretty damn hard to distort and well any louder to do so my ears would bleed!! In all honesty though simply backing off the bass at such extreme volume levels it a typical need of any speaker though my oversized cab lets me push them further than anyone elses standard 4x12 cabinet. All in all I haven't heard a better speaker but have saw some of the highest end brands versions of these that still don't capture what they do. Reliability : 10 EXTREMELY reliable. More than enough wattage(as all speakers today should be anyway!) and I've had them quite a few years now. On top of which one was damaged fairly bad and repaired and the other had a small rip unfortunately. THEIR SOUND HAS NOT BEEN COMPROMISED WHATSOEVER!. Even with the one having gone unrepaired the damage has not increased and I have not had any distortion or problems from it. I have plans to fix it soon because the first method I had wanted to use was too much work. ( a good paper tape and thinned out tacky glue is great for this JUST DO IT FROM THE BACK!!!) Found this review in another forum... Not sure we're talking about the same speakers. Carvin recently (within the past 3-5 years) started using their old labels "British" and "Vintage Series" on a new line of speakers made in China. The older ones get good reviews, and were probably made by Eminence. The newer ones, with the not-so-good reviews, are the ones on clearance. At around the same time Carvin was relabeling their British and Vintage Series, they had a clearance on their G12-80, also made in China, at $19.99 each. I got a bunch at that price and have been pleased with them for rock and blues tones, but not so much for jazz or country. The G12-80's sound a lot like the Celestion Silver Series to me too. I like Carvin stuff, but I suspect a lot of people will buy these Chinese speakers based on the reviews of the older Eminence ones, and be dissappointed. Note: These speakers on auction are the older Eminence USA made. Shipping is $19 to lower 48 States or $30 if you buy 2 for combined shipping. 3 days to paypal or be reported to ebay for non-payment if so. U.S. bids only, no local pick up.


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